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The Factory is built in an area of 15000㎡, The company is an international and professional new high-tech company and specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing suspended platforms and professional traction hoists for work at height.



RIGID Products are exported to Germany, Spain, the United States, India, Brazil, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, UAE, Korean, Australia etc., more than 40 countries and regions, they are welcomed by customers.


The company’s products are advanced in design, safe, reliable, and easy to use. They require simple maintenance and feature low costs. The products have acquired CE certification of the European Union and GOST certification of Russia


With a strong design team, advanced production, testing equipment, and sound after-sales system, it is dedicated to providing solutions for its customers through the most advanced technological means and has been one of the famous solution providers and equipment suppliers of work at height in China.

Why Try Our Products

 China Rigid products are advanced in design, safe, reliable, and easy to use. They are made with the user in mind.


 They are low cost and require simple maintenance.


 All our products have acquired CE certification of the European Union and GOST certification of Russia, which are widely used in high-rise buildings, ships, dams, and bridges construction and maintenance, as well as internal maintenance of boilers and high-rise elevator installation.


 We have great options for every need. Whether they are Rope Suspended Platforms, Facade Access Equipment or Working Platform Scaffolding. We are here for you.


Don't risk the lives of your workers and the quality of your work. Reach out to us for the best suspended platform and traction hoist.


For Your Safest Traction hoist & Suspended Platform System Try China Rigid

In need of trust-worthy suspended platforms and professional traction hoists for work at height? China Rigid is your best bet!


We are the celebrated leaders in suspended platforms, elevator installation platforms and professional traction hoists for work at height. Our team with rich experience and expertise with the use of the latest advanced technology in the industry have developed top-ranking man-riding hoist and material traction hoists of various types, including traction hoists for suspended platforms, service lifts of wind turbines, elevator installation platforms, and fall arresters of all kinds. Accessing high rise buildings or parts of buildings comes with some risk. Using the wrong machines and tools can mean death. Having China Rigid by your side takes away all the avoidable risks. Our suspended Platform Systems provide users safe access to heights. The machines are affordable and easy to use. We offer modular Suspended Platform Systems which are incredibly easy to assemble. We are tested and trusted since 1999. We are known to build the best smart traction hoist in China. We have the most durable, silent, compact, lightweight hoist for platforms and self-hoisting gondolas. 

The Best-Rated Suspended Platform Exporter from China
If you are a construction company owner or contractor, you must have the best tools and equipment to handle your projects. You need platform for lift installation, other lifting equipments or suspended platforms to allow your team to work at different heights. Where can you buy this essential equipment?
Wuxi Rigid Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading lifting equipment and suspended platform exporter from China that you can trust to deliver reliable and durable equipment. We have been manufacturing industry-leading suspended systems since 1999. We supply our products around China, Europe, the USA and other parts of the world. So if you need a durable suspended platform in China, call us today.

Our Industry-Leading Suspended Platform Systems
As one of China's best-rated suspended platform manufacturers, we offer a wide range of tools and equipment. We offer construction platforms, platform for lift installation, and much more. Here are some of our products:

• Construction and Building Suspended Platforms – If you have a construction project that needs your builders to work at height, you need a hanging platform. The device will lift and support your team while working. It can also lift and hold construction materials and tools.
• Elevator Installation Platforms – If you run a business installing elevators, you need a stable and sturdy elevator installation platform. Your team will use this equipment when installing lifts or elevators in a residential or commercial building.


• Building Cleaning Platforms – If you are in a building cleaning business, you need to invest in a suspended platform for building cleaning. The platform can support workers, cleaning supplies, and tools. This equipment has safety features such as emergency brakes, fall arrest devices, and more to ensure safety.
• Platforms for Bridge – If you are a contractor handling bridge construction projects, these suspended platforms are for you. The equipment guarantees easier construction and ensures safety during the project.
• Other Products - Our company also manufactures durable movable working platform systems. We also build GJPT Series boiler maintenance platforms, fall arresters, LTD100-P traction hoists, material lifting equipment, construction gondola, cradle machines, and more.
If your business involves working at height, like bridge construction, facade cleaning, elevator installation, or any other, Wuxi Rigid Machinery Co., Ltd. can sort you with the most reliable suspended equipments. We build high-quality portable work platform, easy-to-use, stable, and durable suspended machines and lifting solutions that can benefit your business. We are the leading suspended platform exporter thanks to our dependable equipment and excellent customer service. Contact us today for more information.
We offer installation and rental of temporarily suspended access equipment. Our renowned expertise in equipment maintenance, permanent suspended access installations and engineering rightly positions us to provide solutions to the most complex access problem in construction. We have been doing this for many years now with great results across the globe. As part of ongoing product development, we offer useful products such as material lifting hoists, aluminum lifting cradle, gondola suspended working platform, material lifting equipment and false car elevator.


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