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China Rigid – The Best Manufacturer and Exporter of Suspended Platforms Worldwide

Are you in search of professional traction hoists and suspended platform of reliable quality, for working at height? China Rigid can be the best company for you to opt for.

This is an eminent manufacturer of suspended platform, professional traction hoists and elevator installation platforms that can be very useful at perfect for working at a height above the ground. The above listed suspended platform systems from the company can offer safe and easy access to heights. Its platforms are easy to use under affordable to buy. The company is an expert in making lightweight compact noiseless and durable self-hosting gondolas, Aerial Work Platform and hoists.

Why Buy from China Rigid?

The team of China Rigid has a lot of experience and expertise in making top grade material traction hoists and man riding hoists of different types, using the most sophisticated technology in the industry. The company has all types of fall arrester, elevator installation platforms, service lifts of wind turbines, traction hoists for suspended platform and many more products on offer for customers across the globe.

It can be quite risky to access some parts of high structures or parts of high rise buildings. If the wrong tools and machines are used, there can be risks of death or severe injury. All such risks can be avoided with the tools and equipments that China Rigid has an on offer. Its modular suspended platform systems can be assembled and used easily.

The company is reputed for being able to build the best kind of traction hoists for consumers which can be used in construction sites, industrial facilities, high rise buildings and many other areas where it is necessary to work at height for construction, painting, cleaning and other jobs.

Proven Expertise of More than Two Decades!

The company has been in existence since 1999 and happens to be a reliable and proven manufacturer of traction hoists as well as suspended platform systems. The company has been in this industry for a long time now, with excellent results for clients across the world. As part of its ongoing product development offers many useful items equipments such as:

·         False car elevator,

·         Material lifting equipments,

·         Suspended working platforms,

·         Gondolas,

·         Aluminum lifting cradles

·         Electric cradles,

·         Aerial Work Platforms

·         Material lifting hoist and many more.

China Rigid offers rental and installation of temporally suspended access equipment. It is an eminent expert in permanent suspended access installations and solving complex access problems. It can offer the best kind of solutions for the most complicated access issues in construction.

The Best Suspended Platforms

China Rigid is known for high quality testing equipment, advanced production, efficient design team and robust after-sales system. The company is dedicated to offering various solutions for customers with the help of the most sophisticated technologies. In China, it happens to be one of the most eminent equipment suppliers and solution providers for working at a height.

Its suspended platforms include:

·         ZLP800 Suspended Platform - This is a high tech and professional company that specializes in manufacturing, developing and marketing professional ZLP800 Suspended Platform for chimneys or Suspended Platform for bridges for working at a great height.

·         ZLP500 Suspended Platform - All the products offered by the company have a state-of-the-art design. This temporary suspended platform is easy to use, reliable and safe. The Suspended Platform for window cleaning comes at low cost. The Suspended Platform for painting needs only basic level of maintenance.

·         ZLP630 Suspended Platform - These are used a lot in the construction and maintenance of bridges, dams, ships and high rise buildings as well as for high rise elevator installation and internal boiler maintenance purposes.

·         ZLP1000 Suspended Platform – China Rigid has this excellent suspended platform option to match all kinds of requirements for any type of customer out there, across the globe.

·         ZLP250 Suspended Platform - Whether it comes to painting, decoration, cleaning, refurbishment or repair work or for any other activity, these are ideal for use.

·         Non Standard Suspended Platform - These are designed to be used in different types of areas and most of every advanced design. It has the best platforms on offer to keep workers safe while working very high above the ground.

A High-Quality, Global Exporter

The products from China Rigid are now exported to many countries across the globe. It exports its products to over 40 regions and countries around the world including but not limited to :

·         Australia

·         Korea

·         UAE

·         Qatar

·         Israel

·         Turkey

·         Russia

·         Morocco

·         Brazil

·         India

·         Spain

·         Germany and

·         The United States

Whether it comes to working platform, scaffolding, facade access equipment for rope suspended platform, the products from China Rigid can always be depended on. There is no need to risk the quality of work and the lives of workers. The high quality elevation hoists and suspended platform from this company come at a low cost and can help avoid all risks easily.

China Rigid wants to provide the market with high quality traction hoists and suspended platform as well as other working at height equipments at a low cost but with the assurance of high-grade. It promises to use technology to ensure a bright future.

The company wants to offer different types of solutions for customers across the world in the aerial working space and lead the technical progress. It aims to develop into the biggest production base and research and development base for suspended platform, traction hoists and other relevant tools and equipments in China as well as to various other countries around the globe in the next one or two decades.

Superior Production Values and Ethics

At the sprawling factory of China Rigid, the most high quality production values and ethics are followed. There is strict inspection of each and every product to ensure that the end items can always satisfy the standards and requirements of customers. There is a solution for every situation and any type of requirement here.

The patented tools and equipments from this company are manufactured with the help of the most high-quality raw materials, sourced from some of the best suppliers across the globe. Thus, consumers can always be assured of the safest, most durable and most reliable products for their requirements - each and every time.

The company boasts of the best R&D team to develop and work on its aerial work platform. The platforms offered by this brand can be very effective when it comes to reaching very high places but there can be risks of injuries and fatalities upon falling down. When it comes to hanging work platform or rental construction equipments there is possibly no better resource to look for than China Rigid. It has the best systems to match the needs of workers easily and these boast of a tough design as well as many strong features. Customers can always expect a very strong performance from these tools and equipments.

Proper Certification

There is strict quality-control at every step which ensures absolute conformity to standards that are in place. Each Aerial work platform and equipment offered by the company is certified to be safe for use. A certificate of compliance can easily be issued for a series production and for a batch of goods. All the products that are sold by China Rigid come with GOST certification of Russia and CE certification of the European Union.

Those who are in need of very high quality suspended platform, Aerial Work Platform and traction hoist for construction, maintenance, renovation or cleaning of structures can always get the best tools and equipments from China Rigid. Each of the items is reliable and the products from the company are being used increasingly by many companies and construction sites across the globe. All these systems prove to be very useful to help workers avoid severe injuries or even, the risks of death.

Strong After-Sales Support

The after-sales support of the company is quite commendable as well. China Rigid does not end the sales process with the sale and delivery of items only. Its customers can be assured of very high level of after-sales support at all times, after each order processing placement.


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