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Temporary suspended platform for lifting people

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Temporary suspended platform for lifting people

When a job requires getting to extreme heights and system or frame scaffold isn’t practical or cost effective, suspended platform (also known as suspended scaffold) may be the equipment for your job. Suspended platform is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It’s used to raise and lower personnel and equipment to and from their workstation, through a system of rope hoists.

As the name, suspended platform is suspended, using an anchor generally secured to the roof of the structure being worked on. The platform system is hooked up to suspension mechanism by steel wire ropes at each end of the platform. These ropes allow the platform to ascend and descend as needed while the work is performed, even as people are working on it and using the platform. This allows for excellent vertical mobility, as workers can get themselves where they need quite easily.

Temporary suspended platforms offer great working comfort and optimum adaptation to many sites. It can help improving the productivity at the site and are particularly safe because they incorporate many safety features.

The whole set of electric suspended platform is including:

1. Suspension platform.

Suspension platform is the work site of construction personnel, made up of the balustrades, bottom plates and hoist-mounting frame.

2. Hoist

Hoist is the power unit. It’s driven by electromagnetic brake motor, the turbine worm and gear drives make the hoist move up and down on the steel wire rope, thus promote suspended platform rises or falls.

3. Safety lock

Safety lock is the safety protection device, when the work steel wire rope suddenly break or suspended platform tilt to a certain angle, the lock can automatically quickly secured safety rope, so the platform will not continue to fall or tilt.

4. Suspension mechanism

Suspension mechanism is a device which is erected on the upper part of the building and lifts the platform by wire rope.

5. Electric control box

Electric control box is used to control the suspension platform, main electrical components are installed in insulation board; the turning switch, power indicator light, start and emergency stop button are on the door board.



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