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LTD-P Traction hoist

LTD-P series hoist is designed for different applications. It can be used for wind turbine service lift, elevator installation platform and so on.

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RIGID LTD-P Series hoist 

The RIGID LTD-P Series hoist is a man-riding, portable, traction principle hoist, CE approval. The hoists has a unique traction system, which makes it has an ability to takes men and materials to the ideal working height by climbs up and down a primary steel wire rope.

The RIGID LTD-P Series hoist is versatile and suitable for all types of suspended working equipment, including suspended platform, service lifts cage, false car etc. The wire rope is not stored in the hoist but passes completely through, which makes it compact, lightweight and very easy to handle. The unlimited wire rope lengths capability of RIGID LTD-P hoist makes it possible to utilize unlimited lifting heights and traction lengths.

Features and Benefits

QQ图片20160224141651 Die-cast aluminum ensures a lowdead-weight add outstanding rigidity.

QQ图片20160224141651 Motor protection: Protected to IP55as standard.

QQ图片20160224141651 Hoist motor, as standard is fitted witha thermal overload protection device.

QQ图片20160224141651 The fully-synthetic special oil ensureshighest possible efficiency for quietrunning characteristics from -20℃ to 55℃.

QQ图片20160224141651 Standardized components ensure easy access to all wearing parts.


Built-in Mechanism Overload

When the load acting on the hoist reaches or exceeds the load limit, the hoist will stop rising or only descend.


“α”cable-guiding system

The hoists has a single drive pulley. The grip of the wire rope on the pulley obtained by a set of rollers, operated by a pressure spring unit. Compact in structure, lightweight and easy in operation and maintenance


Safety Lowering Mechanism

In the event of a power failure, the electric-mechanical brake can be released manually in order to ensure safe and controlled lowering of the load.


Hour Counters

Mounting in the connection box of traction hoist. Record working operating hours Outdoor type and indoor type


Gear drive

Gearing and drive sheave is fabricated from hardened steel, great transmission efficiency and cost-effective


Flexible Attachment Points

The hoist can be suspended from a central suspension point by means of a load pin. As an alternative, attachment points in the corners of the housing are available for flexible attachment of the hoist with hook, screws or pins.

Safety Devices

The main parameters of LTD-P series hoist

RIGID LTD-P traction hoist Catalog 20.7-03 

Product standards & options

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traction hoist application

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