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How to Work Properly on a Window Cleaning Platform?

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How to Work Properly on a Window Cleaning Platform?

How to Work Properly on a Window Cleaning Platform?

Every year, more and more high rise buildings are coming up across the world. Thus, there is a growing need for high rise building cleaning, and that includes cleaning up the window glass panes. High rise window cleaning is one of the most important tasks involved in the external works of high rise building, apart from sealing and aerial advertising installation, concrete repairs, high-rise exterior wall painting, curtain wall cleaning and exterior wall cleaning. There is an increasing usage of window cleaning platform in this process. Find out how to work in a proper way on such a platform.

Checking the cleaning platform for defects

A competent worker needs to inspect the suspended platform as well as its various components, to find out whether or not there is any visible defect. Workers and owners have to understand and read the Cradle & Access Industry Association’s published Code of Safe Practices. They have to follow their local, regional, provincial, state and federal safety standards.

Know, and choose, the right type of suspended platform

These types of platforms, as per their ability to bear load, can be categorized into 250 – 1000 kgs. The platforms can also be classified into various lengths, ranging from 2 – 10 m. Platforms of varied lengths and weights may be assembled to suit varied purposes. The platforms of length ranging between 6 and 10 m are more popular in the cleaning industry.




Prepare the Site before Construction

·         First, the work site must be checked and the plan has to be assured. The roof condition must be inspected and it should be ensured that the cradle for glass cleaning can be set up in place. The movement should not be obstructed by any obstacle, such as billboard or neon lights. The construction plan must be designed by qualified engineers.

·         Make sure that the construction environment is ideal, with no extremes of temperature, snow or wind conditions. The site must have less than 6 wind levels, so that workers do not get toppled due to high winds.

·         All the high rise building window cleaning gondola equipment and tools such as sucker, towels, gun and bucket, should be prepared well.

·         Prior to operation, a safety inspection is a must.

·         Inspecting the safety rope length and checking whether it has any broken or damaged stocks.

·         Checking whether the safety lock is reliable and flexible.

·         Ensuring that the safety rope is longer than the full building height.

·         Inspecting the insurance belt used by the worker, to spot any sign of damage.

·         The cleaning tools and building cleaning equipment must be carried by two workers. They have step on the platform cradle and have their safety belts fastened.

·         Checking whether the safety rope joins the building top in a firm way, and at a fixed position.

·         Ensuring that the drawing rope, fasteners and suspension system on the roof are taut, and show no threat of problems during operation.

·         Inspecting each component of the BMU window cleaning platform, and ensuring that the safety protection devices, hoister, fittings and fasteners are in a proper state, with no risks of danger for workers.

·         Checking whether there are liners in the point of connection between the building parapet and the safety rope. If no liner is there, work should immediately be halted.

·         Ensuring that the workers are dressed in proper gear. They should put on long pants, long-sleeved work jacket and a helmet. In corrosive ambiances, workers using building painting equipment have to put on soft bottomed shoes and clothes with corrosion-resistant features.

·         The self-lock device on the worker’s insurance belt must be knotted on the safety harness and not the suspended platform buckle.

·         The fence must be installed in the site of operation, and a ground security officer should be there to prevent pedestrians. In the absence of any protecting fence or security officer, work should be stopped.

·         The health and mental state of the workers using window glass cleaning machine should be checked, before and after they are up above. Work should be stopped in case of some issue.

Process of Operation

Water gun has to be used to wash corners, and get rid of dust.

Sanitizer should uniformly be smeared on the glass surface, by dipping the spreader into barrels. Glass must be scraped up and down. Afterwards, towel should be used for drying the cleaned up spaces.

Once a specific position is cleaned up, the platform must be moved to the site underneath. While ending top – bottom cleaning, the platform should be turned from right or left to adjacent position. Go on working from top – bottom once more.

After completing all the work, tools and machines have to be sorted, billboard and fences must be removed and the water on the ground must be cleaned.

After dirt and dust removal, building maintenance unit (BMU) equipment and tools as well as the cradle, must be packed and sent to the warehouse.


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