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What Is Near Miss In Safety?

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What Is Near Miss In Safety?

What Is Near Miss In Safety?

Near Miss safety events in workplace are quite common, and have to be recorded as well as investigated. The experiences of such events must be shared, so as to reduce the risks of similar or worse happenings. Most of the accidents in work sites are preceded by such events, which can be taken as warning signals. Thus, when near misses are reported on time, these can be useful in reducing the risks of actual accidents in many cases. Sadly, many work site owners and organizations do not encourage the reporting of these occurrences. Naturally, it all leads ultimately to fatality, loss of limbs, grave injuries and other issues.

Near Miss In Safety – What Is It?

What Is Near Miss In Safety? As defined by OSHA, this is an incident that does not involve sustaining of any personal injury or any damage to property. However, in these cases, a little shift in position or time could have led to injuries or damages. These are cases of barely avoided accidents, or escaping accidents by a whisker.

In work sites such as in the construction industry, building maintenance, building cleaning, building renovation, building repair industry etc, and in many other industries prone to hazards, such kinds of incidents tend to occur almost on a daily basis. There can be such near miss examples as just stumbling over maintenance equipment to something as serious near miss reporting examples as narrowly escaping an amputation of hand or getting killed after falling down from a great height – which is a common case of work at height safety.


What are the Benefits of Reporting Near Miss Cases?

Cases of near miss accident precede most of the actual accidents in work sites. Thus, when these are reported, organizations can take steps to train workers and make them able to recognize the possible risks while working and how to avoid them. Workers can be given proactive opportunities, which can go on to improve their own safety. When near misses are monitored and reported, workers can get the chance to fix problems involving procedures, equipment, personnel etc. These can prevent all the negative effects on an actual accident.

When such cases are reported on time, and proper measures are taken to avoid actual incidents, workers can avoid risks to their lives and limbs. Work can continue unabated, and owners of work sites and organizations do not have to face any legal hassles or cough up hefty compensations for personal injuries / fatalities involving workers. Read more about fall protection equipments and mobile elevated platforms here.


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