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Innovation and Development of Construction Cradle Machine

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The construction cradle machine is a special aerial work equipment that lifts operators, tools, materials, etc. to a designated position in the air for various installation and maintenance operations. It is a set of technology, safety, and intelligence. The construction cradle machine as a professional product, has good development prospects and broad development space. Meanwhile construction cradle machine is used to carry people at high altitudes, so the safety requirements of the equipment are very high.

With the construction of a large number of high-rise buildings in many areas of the whole world, the requirements for the beautification of urban environment have increased, and construction cradle machine has rapidly become popular. The construction cradle machine is flexible, easy to move, convenient and practical, can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, reduce construction costs, and can be reused. Therefore, the use of building cleaning cradle machine has gradually become a trend. With the development of economy and urban construction, the demand for façade cleaning cradle machine has increased year by year.

At the beginning of bringing construction cradle machine into use, there were problems such as immature of product and inadequate technology. The first manufacturers of construction cradle machine in China continuously strengthened the quality supervision of their products, and pushed the product quality control forward as much as possible, tried their best to avoid unqualified products. They also improved core competitiveness and brand awareness to increase the international market share of Made in China construction cradle machine.

Every batch of construction cradle machine exported by WUXI RIGID MACHINERY CO.,LTD will carry out reliability tests on the hoist, safety lock and all other components in the factory's mechanical testing center. For the hoist produced by WUXI RIGID MACHINERY CO.,LTD, it is in accordance with the European standard EN1801. 

Carrying out the reliability test of the hoist 

These measures have even gradually driven the entire industry, and formed the whole industry to work hard together to promote the continuous improvement of products and the continuous improvement of quality. The stable and reliable quality of WUXI RIGID MACHINERY CO.,LTD’s construction cradle machine is highly recognized by more and more overseas professional buyers every year.

Dependable and Safe Construction Cradle Machines

Construction cradle machine has become popular thanks to the increase in high-rise buildings worldwide. The cradle machine is needed to construct and beautify these buildings. So if you are in the construction business, you must have the equipment to lift workers, tools, and materials during construction. Besides, the equipment may be used during building cleaning, window cleaning, and other lightweight activities such as painting.

Wuxi Rigid Machinery Co., Ltd. is the number one manufacturer and exporter of construction cradle machines. Operating since 1999, we have established ourselves as great innovators and developers of lifting and suspended platform systems in China and the world.

If you are looking for any construction cradle machine or building facade cleaning cradle, view our products, pick what you want, and buy. We will ensure the product is shipped to your location within the shortest time possible.

What Has Made Us the Best Construction Cradle Machine Manufacturer?

Wuxi Rigid Machinery Co., Ltd. is the most recommended construction and building cleaning cradle system manufacturer. And here are the reasons why we are the best:

• We Have an Experienced Team – Our Company has highly trained and experienced engineers and other professionals. The team is committed to continuous improvement of quality. And that is why we are always innovative when developing and building our products.

• We Have Invested Heavily in Technology – Our company knows technology is key in every business. Therefore, we have invested heavily in technology to ensure our team is more innovative, creative, and accurate when developing construction and façade cleaning cradle systems.

• We Conduct Reliable Tests on Our Products – After building the lifting and cradle machines, we take them to our factory mechanical testing center, where they are tested and approved. We also hire independent companies to try the products like window cleaning cradles.

• We Export Our Products Globally – Wuxi Rigid Machinery Co., Ltd. is based in China, but we are in the global market. We export our products to Europe, the USA, and other countries worldwide. You only need to purchase your preferred device, and we will send your cradle machine to your location.

If you need a construction cradle machine or window cleaning cradle, you have come to the right place. China Rigid offers a wide range of cradle machine systems ideal for different applications like building cleaning and construction. Our products are affordable and will serve you for an extended time. Call us today for more information - +86 (510) 8331 7171


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