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Maintenance of Vertical Vessels

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Maintenance of Vertical Vessels

Maintenance of Vertical Vessels

How Do Suspended Platforms Improve the Maintenance of Vertical Vessels?

Vertical Vessels have a heavy-duty, lightweight metal platform which is erected within the vessel, and lowered or elevated with the help of electric or manual hoists for relining applications or easy maintenance. Suspended platforms have plenty of advantages over scaffolding systems. Find out how these types of systems help boost the maintenance aspect of vertical vessels.

Fast installation

The time of erection varies on the basis of configuration and size of vessels. However, even when there is an expert crew, there can be various shifts needed for the scaffolding and the construction can take a whole week. It can put maintenance timelines and budgets under acute stress. A pin-together build and modular design is used by suspended platforms to make the process simpler, and to reduce installation times. It can significantly decrease the number of tools and components that are needed for erection. It lets crews finish the installation in around a couple of hours.

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Space for moving about

Even after the assembly of a platform, there can be a boost in productivity. When scaffolding is used, materials and tools have to be elevated to a working height - little by little. This is frequently done manually. It is a gradual process that takes a significant toll. This even reduces productivity by limiting the material supply lines – like gunning equipment or refractory brick.

With a suspended platform, up to 6,000 pounds can be transported easily. It can save a lot of energy and time, and even boost productivity by reducing the total number of up and down trips that are needed. With such a platform, it is possible to get more space and gunning machines as well as other equipment can be positioned more easily.

Improved ergonomics

The safety of workers can be improved with a platform, instead of a narrow scaffold. Narrow wooden catwalks are replaced by a suspended platform with an aluminum surface. It goes along the whole of a vertical vessel, and can reduce risks of dropping of items.

With a suspended platform, employees are strained much less. Modular and lightweight components happen to be less awkward as compared to heavy wooden planks and long poles. Risks of small injuries can be reduced with easy access to tools and materials.

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