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Work Safely on Roofs & Elevated Platforms

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                                               How to Work Safely on Roofs & Elevated Platforms?

For any construction job site, the safety of workers is a major priority. It is very important to plan safely when it comes to working at a great height. Just as in case of any construction project, or cleaning or maintenance project, a lot of planning, analysis etc is needed and safety planning is also essential in such jobs. Find out how to work in a safe way while working on elevated platforms and roofs.

Safety Plans

The safety plan has to be integrated to the plan of building construction. It is important to consider:

·         Work objective

·         Things to accomplish on platform or roof

·         The way that safety risks will be reduced or eliminated

The elevated site has to be studied in a proper way, to make proper planning.

Carrying out a site assessment

Risk assessment and safety plan development is a must. The elevated site must be reviewed with care, for reviewing all the possible hazards. Some of the things that have to be considered include whether the barriers are of proper strength and height, whether the walls or rails can prevent an accidental drop, what kind of footing issues can occur due to weather, whether there are trip and fall risks due to debris or loose construction materials etc.

Training and Tools

All the workers have to go through safety procedure training every year. Each worker has to operate in the elevated area, and must be briefed about the safety plan which is specific to the job. The plan needs to have all the details from the evaluation. Workers have to be notified of all the risks and given instructions on how they can use their training to mitigate the specific risks. Any safety tools that must be included should also be covered in the site-specific plan, such as:

·         Gloves

·         Headgear

·         Sunglasses

·         Right clothing for weather issues


A “buddy system” or teamwork happens to be a basic idea for safety, which obviously matters when it comes to the elevated construction area. It may include basic concepts like “spotting”, holding ladder for a worker in a team etc. It has to be checked by team members whether or not safety procedures are being followed in a proper way. When it comes to ensuring a proper safety plan, the right tools, training and teamwork are some of the basics.


For any construction job, worker safety happens to be the topmost priority. This is especially the case when the work has to be done in an elevated work area. In order to ensure worker protection and safety, risk planning and implementation happens to be a must.

It is a good idea to get in touch with Consulting & Training experts on hire, to get help in devising and executing a proper safety plan in order to work at a great height. They can extend hands-on safety training which can be essential in mitigating risk factors and ensuring proper health and safety while working at great heights. If you need an Aerial work platform or suspended platform for ensuring your work safety, contact us.


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