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Installation requirements for suspended platform

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General application and installation requirements for scaffolding suspended platform

The adjustable height of the suspension mechanism of the facade access equipment ( also called scaffolding suspended platform ) can be adjusted should make the lower side of the front beam slightly higher than the height of other obstacles. If possible, after the positioning of the hanging mechanism, the lower side of the front beam and the parapet should be fixed with wooden blocks.

The rated adjustment range of the cantilever length of the front beam extension end of the hanging platform is 0.3~1.5 meters. The distance between the front and rear bases should be adjusted to a large distance as far as possible if the site allows. The distance between the two bases should be adjusted to a distance between the front beam extension ends which is 3~5 cm less than the length of the hanging platform.

When the hanging construction platform needs to be tension-ed to strengthen the steel wire rope, the front beam should be slightly upturned by 3~5 cm to produce pres-tress and improve the steel degree of the front beam. When installing the steel wire rope, the number of clamps shall be no less than 3, and the u-shaped opening shall be opposite to the end of the steel wire rope in the same direction. The rope clip should be clamped from the lifting point in turn, and between a rope clip and a previous rope clip, the wire rope should have a little arch. When tightening the clamp nut, flatten the wire rope clamp to 1/2~1/3 diameter.

When the construction platform is hanging the steel wire rope, the free plate of the steel wire rope should be directly placed on the floor, and the rope head should be carefully drawn out and put down slowly along the front.  It is strictly prohibited to throw down the steel wire rope in disk form. After the wire rope is put, the tangled rope should be carefully separated and pressed. The extra wire rope on the ground should be carefully plated and tied tightly.

Suspended scaffolding system is generally divided into the following two kinds: cantilever beam hanging mechanism, parapet clamp type hanging mechanism. The surface of all structural parts of the suspension mechanism is treated with hot dip galvanization or powered coating: long service life, safe and reliable, and convenient maintenance. Special design and manufacture can meet your special requirements.


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