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Using Suspended Platform Cradle

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Using Suspended Platform Cradle

Using Suspended Platform Cradle

What are the Top Precautions to Use While Using Temporary Cradles?

It is always dangerous to work at a height, which is exactly the reason why it is essential to provide workers with a safe way to get to their elevated work site. When a cradle is used, it makes hard-to-access areas easier for them to reach. This is often needed for numerous construction activities. A suspended cradle can be the safest way to access areas that are particularly tough to reach. Swing-stage cradles or two-point adjustable suspension cradles, as per OSHA, are the commonest form of suspended cradle. Such kinds of temporary cradles are generally hung with the help of cables or ropes joined to stirrups at either end of platform. These help workers get lowered and elevated to different types of work sites.

Suspended Cradles and OSHA Regulations

Most of the suspended cradle types have to satisfy the simple regulatory requirements of OSHA. But it is always essential to follow the rules for suspended cradle of a specific form. Also, workers need to be made familiar with all the necessary safety precautions as well as the operating processes of the manufacturer for the particular cradle brand and model that they are using at the work site. They have to be trained in safe use of the same.

When workers follow the right suspended platform cradle safety checklist, they can get a guideline to spot all the possible installation hazards or flaws in the system. This can help them evaluate whether or not the platform can be used safely. Keep in mind that this is an all-inclusive checklist, and workers have to stick to the operating labels and instructions of the manufacturer along with all the safety requirements mentioned in the checklist. Only workers who are trained need to be allowed to use a suspended cradle.


Things to Do While Using a Suspended Cradle

This is what workers using a suspended platform need to do:

·         Ensure that the cradle is set up and maintained as per the hanging scaffold systems manufacturer’s specifications, standards, safety regulations and job requirements.

·         Make sure that there is no contact between suspension ropes and welding / grinding equipment.

·         Check every equipment prior to every shift and before going up each time.

·         Have hand tools securely placed on the Aerial Work Platform.

·         Use suitable fall arrest systems (each worker should do this). The lanyard attachment must be maintained at the highest possible point. In case there is a need for fall arrest systems, before using  the same, workers need to be trained suitably.

·         Ensure that the attachments and roof beams of suspended platforms are secure.

·         Ensure that the structure of the parapet wall / roof is strong enough to support cornice hooks / outriggers.

·         Have all ropes secured at the end of the anchor.

·         Look for damaged / kinked ropes.

·         Ensure that all the brakes, override switches, stops and safety equipment operate properly.

·         Have the power source is grounded properly, and make sure that it is secure.

·         Ensure that toe boards and guardrails are in position.

·         Evaluate the hanging work platform by elevating it, loaded fully with man, equipment and gear, off the ground. Elevate more if everything is okay. 

·         Have the suspension ropes fully extended to the ground or have the wire rope clips terminated to avoid risks of running off the rope end.

Things Not to Do While Using a Suspended Cradle

Workers need to avoid these things:

·         Using defective / damaged equipment.

·         Surpassing the total load capacity of the platform.

·         Working close to exposed electrical equipment or circuits.

·         Moving work platform before having suitable fall arrest system in place.

·         Leaving or entering platform at any point apart from the ground level or some other safe access point.

·         Removing, substituting or changing any of the working platform scaffolding components.

·         Joining suspended platforms not designed for the same usage.

·         Using lifeline or fall arrest system to lower / raise materials or tools.

·         Letting connections / electric cables lie in areas – such as gutters – where there could be pooling of water.

It is important to follow such a checklist, to spot any possible hazards during setup and / or to identify any defects of the equipment, to make sure that the cradle can be used safely. Make sure that the checklist and the operating label and instructions of the manufacturer are properly adhered to, along with every requirement that is stated in the checklist. Only workers who are trained must be allowed to use a suspended cradle.

Prior to every work shift as well as after each session that could have an impact on the cradle’s structural integrity, the suspended cradle as well as its components must be inspected by a competent individual, to spot any defect.


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