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Why does the Construction Lifting Cradle Need to Carry on the Stability Test before the Operation?

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The construction lifting cradle is a kind of high-altitude equipment, whose price determines its stability. The safety of construction personnel is a very important part of aerial work, so it is very important to consider its stability.

The key to consider the stability of the construction suspended access cradles:

1. Lifting positioning. The hoist of the aluminum cradle is a very important control system in the lifting process. When it is lifted to the corresponding position, it is necessary to confirm that it is firmly fixed with the building before it can be operated by people, and the horizontal interval between the lifting cradle and the building should not be greater than 20cm. If the aluminum cradle shakes, the fixing method shall be adopted in time. The personnel shall not work continuously during the shaking, and keep the steel wire rope straight with the ground, and shall not be inclined.

2. Electric control box. The electric control box has maintenance methods such as phase protect unit, power leakage device, active limit, emergency braking, etc. If the maintenance aluminum cradle needs to move horizontally, the aluminum cradle shall be lowered to the ground, the steel wire rope shall be raised, the roof cantilever beam shall be changed and fixed before the maintenance of the aluminum cradle.

3. Safety lock. Under the condition that the hoisting rope is broken or the aluminum cradle is inclined within 8 °, the safety lock can play a sensitive role in maintenance.

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