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Specific Requirements for Motorized Gondola Platform

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There are requirements for the hanging gondola platform, they are mainly as follows:

1. The structure of the temporary gondola platform shall be able to bear the rated load, and before the product leaves the factory, the load test shall be carried out to check whether the welding quality is qualified, and whether the weld is cracked. In addition, for bolts, check whether they are loose or not.

2. For the main stressed parts on the platform, it is necessary to check whether the weld quality is qualified and whether it meets the design requirements. If there is any problem, it should be solved in time. In addition, the anti-slip measures shall be taken for the bottom plate of the platform on the window cleaning gondola.

3. The connection between the platform of the motorized gondola and the lifting mechanism shall not be loose. Therefore, the inspection work should be carried out frequently and should not be treated carelessly.

4. In the hanging gondola platform, the corresponding hook device of safety belt and tools shall be set, so that the operators can take protective measures.

5. Guardrail shall be installed on the platform of temporary gondola, and it shall be fixed. The guardrail installed shall be able to bear concentrated load. In addition, the components on the guardrail shall be smooth and free of burrs. After installation, there shall be no defects, such as deflection, distortion and deformation.

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