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Suspended Platform Accessories from China Rigid

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Suspended Platform Accessories from China Rigid

Traction Hoist

The newly designed traction hoist from china rigid can meet the demands of "scaffoldless installation process" for the high-speed elevator of modern super high-rise building.


  • Designed and manufactured according to EN1808:2015 and certified by TUV CE 

  • Inner overload limiter to make the equipment more secure and reliable.

  • Maximum lifting load 2000KGS, lifting speed of 6 or 12 meters optional.

  • Optional upper limit switch, integrated electrical control box and other supporting construction accessories to meet the special needs of customers.

Safety Lock

LSF-Series (2)

The overspeed fall arrester is automatically tripped when the lowering speed of the wire rope exceeds 30m/min (0.5m/s). The integrated clamping jaw mechanism made of hardened steel stops the lowering of the wire rope within a few centimeters.

Steel Wire Rope & cable 

Wire rope, Cable & Accessories for Use with Rigid Lifting Machines

DSC06935fu (1)

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel wire ropes

  • Application: for temporary cradles platform.

  • Turnbuckle OO-M20

  • Reinforce Wire Rope

  • Rope Clamp Y-10

  • Rope Guide Device

  • Screw & Bolts

  • Heavy Hammer

  • Caster Wheel

  • Wall wheel

  • Upper limit Stopper

Electrical Control Box

The electric control box of the suspended platform is controlled eagerly by the electrical box, highlighting in helpful activity, wellbeing and unwavering quality.


  • IP55 waterproof Design

  • First class electrical components

  • Professional finish of wiring layout

  • Individually marked wires for easy identification

  • Low control voltage


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