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Brief Introduction of Suspended Platform

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Brief Introduction of Suspended Platform

1.   Application of Suspended Platform

1.1 Construction: Commonly used for Exterior wall construction (paint, curtain wall operation) of high-rise buildings


       1.2  Wind power: As a necessary lifting equipment for wind power and maintenance equipment for blades


 1.3  Elevator installation: Improvement and promotion of elevator scaffolding-free installation process is being carried out worldwide. It is a new tool for elevator installation.


1.4  Special lifting platform: necessary equipment for internal maintenance of boiler furnace, construction and maintenance of ships, dams and bridges.


2.   Products Advantage

      2.1 Construction: Replacing scaffolding which can improve safety and operational efficiency, and the cost is two-thirds of scaffolding.

      2.2 Wind power: replacing the aluminum ladder, improving the safety of workers climbing the ladder and facilitating the carrying of equipment and tools, improving the possibility of maintenance and shortening its time.       

      2.3 Elevator installation: Replace scaffolding, shorten construction period, improve safety! The cost is half of the original scaffolding process.

      2.4 Special lifting platform: Replace scaffolding, improve efficiency, the construction period is one fifth of the original

            In summary, Suspended platform can replace the traditional technology of scaffolding, and the installation time and labor cost of scaffolding technology are reduced. It is a global trend to improve safety and efficiency through mechanized lifting operations. After nearly 20 years of application and promotion, the Russian market has gradually been fully adopted.

      3.Introduce the main manufacturers of this product in the world.

         Suspended platform and hoist products have been used in the world for more than 50 years. The earliest manufacturing countries are Tractel in Luxembourg and Power climber in the United States. They have strong technical ability and market reputation. Since the 1990s, Suspended platform products in the global market, especially in China, have been widely used and promoted, and the emergence of many manufacturers, including Russia.

                                                 Major global manufacturers
No.Country               Brand    Approximate Price (USD)
USA         Power climber             15000.00


USA         Sky climber             10000.00
Luxembourg         Tractel             12000.00
Germany         Goracon             13000.00
Japan         FIL-ART             11000.00
France         Fixator             9000.00
China         Rigid             3000-5500.00


        At present, Chinese market is the biggest in the suspended platform application in the    global, there are 200,000 new products put into use every year, so the price of Chinese     products is the most attractive. Second market is in Indian and Middle East, where are more  vigorous in construction and development, the demand also increases rapidly. However, more than 80% of these regions are purchasing from China, and only a small part are purchasing products from other countries, which is similar to the Russian market.

     4.How to choose suspended platform in Chinese market


     There are many factories in China, but the price is different. And this equipment is related to the safety of construction personnel, I suggest that the best choice is to select qualified suppliers in China. Everyone knows that China is full of cheap products, and the quality and service life are not guaranteed. That is absolutely not recommended by me.

       4.1 Production Area

         Main Distribution of Suspended Platform and Hoist Manufacturers in China
No.AreaManufacturers quantityMain parts Manufacturing CapabilitySteel Structures Manufacturing CapabilityR&D and Design Capability
Wuxi, Jiangsu20Most capablecapablePartial capable
Shangdong and Tianjin20Few capablecapableNot capable

Very few capable

Partial capable Not capable
Henan30Not capablePartial capable Not capable


   After years of investigation, Rigid found that Wuxi, Jiangsu Province has the best quality of suspended platform product. Moreover, we must choose the manufacturer with the capability of manufacturing and R&D of the main parts, which is related to the real quality of the equipment and the knowledge production area.


     4.2 Products Certificate

           China implements the product quality standard of GB19155-2017, which is very close to the EU EN1808 standard instruction, so we can see whether the safety requirements can be    met by the certificate.

           We check the certificates from two aspects:

4.2.1 Whether there is CE certificate or not, and it should be issued by certification organizations with relatively high awareness, such as TUV and SGS certificates with high credibility, while other certification organizations are more flexible and low credibility in Chinese market.


4.2.2 To check if the manufacturer has a comprehensive certification, not only the product certification of suspended platform, but also the independent certification of main components such as hoist and safety lock.




       4.3 Enterprise Service Capability

       Check if this enterprise has perfect service ability, can explain its professionalism. For example: 1. Accessories atlas, easy to purchase accessories in the future. 

        2. Instructions and operating manuals for later use. 3. Can they provide perfect personnel training and training materials to facilitate the solution of post-procurement maintenance?


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